Danaher Oil Company

Founded: February 3, 1981

Location: Fairfield, Iowa

Jim Danaher, Board Chairman

Doug Greenfield

Ed Malloy

In 1981, Danaher Oil’s founder, Jim Danaher, considered starting an oil brokerage firm in Houston, Texas. Launching the company in the oil capital of the U.S. seemed like "common sense" to his partner Doug Greenfield, Danaher Oil’s CEO. In the end, however, the bustling city of Houston was abandoned for the serene and entrepreneurial active town of Fairfield, Iowa. Unknown to major oil corporations and isolated in rural Iowa they began brokering oil while gradually winning the trust of prominent industry executives. Skill, friendliness and persistence has since pushed Danaher Oil to the forefront of all Midwest oil brokerage firms and is now a recognized leader of refined product brokering.

Five skilled brokers represent the company and serve primarily the Mid-continent region, including both the Group3 and Chicago Area refined fuels markets. We also broker markets along Explorer Pipeline, TEPCO Pipeline and NuStar Pipeline. In 2007 Danaher Oil added ethanol to our list of brokered products, using our existing contacts to help grow and bring liquidity to the budding biofuels market.

Danaher Oil publishes twice daily the Cash Market Watch, a cash market price report that has become an indispensable market report to numerous major oil companies. The report is produced in-house exclusively for our customers and subscribers. Our reporting is hailed for its accuracy and reliability and we currently provide information to many industry information services such as Bloomberg, DTN, OPIS and Dow Jones.

We are located in Fairfield, Iowa, a small rural city with a population of 10,000. Fairfield is recognized as one of the most innovative small cities in the country and has been dubbed "Silicorn Valley” for it’s lively and extraordinarily successful entrepreneurial activities. Danaher Oil is a prime example of how a company, when characterized by talented, skilled and visionary employees, a strong niche market, harmonious family atmosphere and a long-term commitment to customers, employees and the community can grow and thrive outside of major metropolitan areas.

Providing the best possible service for a long-term client relationship has long been our mission. We have made a significant commitment to the Mid-Continent region and we have been rewarded with generous market share. We intend to preserve that relationship we enjoy with the region through continued service and creative brokering.

Our brokering team: Michael, Ken, Ed, Andy, and Jason.